The NEW AutomatedTraffic Generator 2011

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The NEW AutomatedTraffic Generator 2011
Thats great, but the PROBLEM is, if you wanted to use several of these programs at the same time, it would be hard for you to do so, because most of these sites require you to make them your START PAGE.

Since you can only have ONE start page in your browser at one time, you would need to switch back and forth thru programs to generate traffic with each of them.

So technically, youd be a human clicking machine that does nothing except click click click, then click some more.

Doesnt this go against the FREEDOM that Internet Marketing promises you? How about the promises of Free yourself from the drudgery of your day job, Spend time with your loved ones.

You feel disheartened and disappointed. Suddenly, the FREEDOM and PROFITS promised to you by Internet Marketing become a far fetched idea, and youre on the verge of turning into a zombie or a sideshow thats called the Incredible Human Clicker ( How about a Guiness Record for most number of mouse clicks in an hour?)

The Perpetual Traffic Generator is one of the most unique traffic generators I have ever seen. The idea behind it is simple, but effective. What it does is combine many of the Start Page traffic generators into one complete system.

The main part of this system is a unique script that is provided with the program. What it does is it simply runs from your desktop when your internet connection is active. It automatically rotates each of your start page programs in a browser window every 30-45 seconds. The best part is it does all of this while you are away from the computer. If you can leave your computer on at night for the 8 hours or so you sleep, you can rack in about 480 hits to your site!

Plus, you can customize the ebook and resell it, with your start page referral links in it! So as people get the book from you and start leaving their computers on, you can begin to bring in some massive traffic.

Everyone needs more traffic and this is one of the most effective, smart, and time efficient resources I've ever seen. The one downside is that it can be tough to setup the script. Many people will be able to figure it out, but some might need that extra little bit of personal attention to help them get it going.

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